Current Projects

I used to work on the following research projects:
  • Code Review Analysis
    • "Was my contribution fairly reviewed? A framework and an empirical study of fairness in Modern Code Reviews", ICSE 2018, [accepted for publication]
    • "Peer Review Social Network (PeRSoN) in Open Source Projects", IEICE Transactions (Information and Systems), 2016, [pdf]
    • "Social Network Analysis in Open Source Software Peer Review", FSE 2014, [pdf]
    • "Understanding OSS Peer Review Roles in Peer Review Social Network (PeRSoN)", APSEC 2012, [pdf]
  • Mining Software Repositories
  • Gamification in Software Development
    • "Quick Trigger on Stack Overflow: A Study of Gamification-Influenced Member Tendencies", MSR 2015, [pdf] [slides]
Dataset and Tools

  • Scholarmap: a bibliography visualization tool using D3 and jQuery
Academic Lineage

I was under the supervision of:I was also advised by: